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☆★☆★H.O.T COUPLES☆★☆★

Loving H.O.T since 1996

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A LiveJournal Community for Fans of H.O.T♡♡♡

H.O.T 사랑 커플 팬 클럽 { Choti Couples Community Rules }


This is a LiveJournal Community for fans of H.O.T and H.O.T couples.
If you want to remain a member of this community, please follow these few easy rules. :]

  • You must be a fan of H.O.T and/or H.O.T couplings. (duh)
  • Do not flame, bash, or hate on other members.
  • Please use the LJ-CUT feature for text/media heavy posts.
  • Only post things in relation to H.O.T and/or H.O.T couples.

These are the things that you can post at this community:

  • Photos (fanart, caps, icons, graphics, etc)
  • Downloadable media (mp3, music videos, dramas, etc)
  • News & Rumors (specify if it's a rumor)
  • Fan Fiction (short stories, poems, fictions, etc)
  • Fan Rants (feelings about H.O.T)
  • Request for H.O.T media
  • Self Introduction Posts (we want to get to know you!)
  • Anything else related to H.O.T

Yes, you may post links/advertisements! (But please not too many!)

FAQ & 프로파일 { All About H.O.T & Choti Couples Community }

{☆} H.O.T PROFILE {☆}

And here is a quick F.A.Q, just in case you're confused.

  • Who is H.O.T?

H.O.T (High Five of Teenagers) was a popular 5-Member Korean Boy Band in the early 1990's. They debuted on September 7, 1996. They had five members: Moon Hee Jun, Ahn Seung Ho [Tony], Jang Woo Hyuk, Ahn Chil Hyun [Kang Ta], & Lee Jae Won. They disbanded on May 13, 2001. Tony, Lee Jae Won, and Jang Woo Hyuk formed a 3-Member Boy Band, jtL, while Kang Ta and Moon Hee Jun went solo. Currently, all 5 members have gone solo and some are finishing up army duties.

  • What are "H.O.T couples"?

H.O.T couples are fan-based relationships between the members (made by fans). The most popular ones were "TonHyuk," "JunTa," and "HyukTa."

  • Why were these created?

Fans of H.O.T and yaoi (boy x boy ♥) created these couples because the H.O.T members were very touchy and close with each other. Tony and Woo Hyuk once lived in an apartment together and had "couple rings." Kang Ta and Hee Jun shot a clothing ad (Crencia) together and co-hosted "Magic School" and a Making the Band-type show with current DBSK member Xiah Jun Su.

  • What are the couples and how are they created?

Some of the more popular couples are JunTa, TonHyuk, TonTa, HyukTa, and JunTon. To make a couple, you blend together the first or last parts of their names. The dominant (older) one (seme) usually comes first in the name and the passive one (uke) comes second. There are no right or wrongs when it comes to naming couples, just universally accepted 'spellings.'

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